Monday, August 11, 2008

Quảng Ngãi - Treats

Not only was I overfed in Quảng Ngãi but I also brought home some yummy treats for myself and my family back in Canada!

After trying these crunchy toasted coconut, I had to bring some back to share.

My mother asked for 1 kg of Vietnamese coffee but got 2!

Cơm rang is a Quảng Ngãi specialty of roasted rice with savoury spices: chili, onions, salt. Makes a great snack! I had to bring back a few bags for my sister L!

Banh Mi Xop are sesame cookies that The Boyfriend really enjoys.


Linda said...

Mmmmm com rang, I can't wait! I hope you rbought back like 10 times what was in the pic! jj!
I thought you didn't like coconut?!

Gastronomer said...

MMMMMMMMMMMM. Wish I were in Saigon to taste some Quang Ngai nibbles!

Bill said...

No it can't be over yet. You can leave Vietnam! ;-)

Bill said...

Too bad I can't edit my post I meant can't.

Martini said...

Cookies? Zha?