Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mũi Né - Part I

The Boyfriend took a couple of days off work so we could hit the beach before I go back to Canada. We decided to go to Mũi Né, having heard that it was very nice and due to its proximity to HCMC. It also was a less costly option than Nha Trang or Phú Quốc.

We booked bus tickets through Sinh Café: 100,000 VND (about 6 USD) each way. The bus ride was not as bad as we heard. It took about five hours each way. The way back felt much longer than the way there.

The Boyfriend wanted a hotel with a pool because he does not enjoy his eyes stinging from the salted sea water. This was a good call since the water was rather choppy. I found an affordable option with a pool, Sunrise Resort, for 35 USD a night (it costs 50 USD for a beach view bungalow). This included breakfast (options were limited); there was also wi-fi so you can surf the net by the pool and cable TV. Our whole trip costs about 100 USD each for 3 nights. A trip to Mũi Né can definitely be done even cheaper; we saw rooms as low as 6 USD. It can also be done on the more expensive side; we saw some very nice bungalows on the beach.

Our days were spent going for dips in the ocean and then the pool. It seems we ate a lot, read on the beach and chill-axed as The Boyfriend likes to say. We also went to see the dunes – I’ll cover this in part II!

View of Sunrise Resort.

Most resorts are on the beach side of coconut tree lined Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, a 15 km stretch.

View of the pool from our sliding door. It was nice to have the pool at our doorstep until we got woken up at 4 am by drunk (I’m assuming) girls splashing in the water and then at 7 am by kids swimming… The beach was just at the other end.

View of the pool and beach in the background. Our room was clean and basic.

Some of the décor has a hint of "fromage". The little boys’ statues seem to be peeing into the pool...

We spotted this little guy near the pool, hiding from the sun.

We enjoyed fruit pool side. Only the pineapple was good. The mango was SO tart; it must be the end of mango season. The dragon fruit should have been good since we saw fields upon fields of dragon fruit nearby, but it was too ripe.

The beach was very nice and we had nice weather. Supposedly, Mũi Né has the least rain in South East Asia because of its microclimate created by its location near the sand dunes. As I mentioned before, the water was choppy due to the strong waves. This is perfect for wave jumping. Mũi Né is also a choice destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing destination. Having attempted to surf in Costa Rica at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, I would not even think of trying kitesurfing but it was cool to watch others do it.

Views of the beach on each side.

Kite boarders jump seriously high, with the help of the wind!

There were a lot of stray dogs on the beach.

We spotted a few jelly fish washed up on the shore. Don’t they have an alien quality about them?

Fishermen set out around 5 pm and come back in the morning.

One night, I got grilled shrimp, freshly caught that morning. There were about 10 very big shrimps for 50,000 VND (about 3 USD)!! What a steal! Delicious!

A salamander fell, from the sky it seems, while we were eating . Can you spot this one?

We got a full moon. I wasn’t able to take a picture but it was amazing to see at night so many lights out at sea from the fishing boats.


Martini said...

I'm amazed at the cheapness relative to the qualityness. That trip looks like it was the bargain of a lifetime. Really awesome.

Miss.Adventure said...

Thanks for writing! There are lots of bargains in Vietnam!!

Martini said...

My hard drive crashed so I havent been blogging for a while. It will be a while still before any updates.

You missed a surreal lightning storm here last night - I've only ever seen a lightning storm like it in the movies. Really scary.