Monday, August 18, 2008

Mũi Né - Part II

The Boyfriend and I booked an excursion to go see the sand dunes. It cost $22USD and took over three hours. I’m sure this can be done cheaper by taxi but we got to see a lot of interesting sites by jeep: the Fairy Spring, red canyon, the farther white sand tunes and the yellow sand dunes nearby. I had heard that the sand dunes were spectacular but I did not realize how big they would be. It really did feel like we could have been in the Sahara desert, without the heat (we went in the late afternoon for that reason).

Our jeep.

Our first stop was the Fairy Spring (Suối Tiên). Our tour guide, really just our driver, dropped us off and told us we had 40 minutes. A young teenager acted as our impromptu guide even though it was very obvious where we had to go: just follow the stream! At the end, he asked for money. I don’t think so. I already paid for a tour…

We passed by big vats of stinky nuoc mam (fish sauce).

The Boyfriend is following our "guide" in the Fairy Spring.

There were very nice and interesting rock formations.

Next we stopped by the fishing village of Mũi Né where little fish (anchovies?) were laid out to dry in the sun. I’m not sure if they were the same fish, but The Boyfriend and I encountered little jumping fish when we were swimming in the ocean. They were just jumping in and out of the water, even into my swimsuit.

View of Mũi Né village.

Fish spread to dry.

Working the fish.

Not only does Mũi Né have sand dunes, it also has a canyon. So many interesting sights!

Red Canyon.

The white sand dunes were far out but well worth the trip. At the bottom of the sand dunes is a nice lake too.

Lotus lake with the white sand dunes in the background.

At the other end of the lake were some horses. Some tourists rode the horses up the sand dunes…

White Sand Dunes. Can you belive this is Vietnam?

This little boy followed us, trying to convince us to slide down the hills. Although we didn’t, we gave him 10,000 VND because he was so persistent (and cute!).

The boy slid down the hill himself!

I like the temporary trail left behind.

Finally, we hit the yellow sand dunes, which had more of a golden colour. The yellow sand dunes are much closer to Mũi Né and so had much more tourists than the white sand dunes.

We encountered a herd of cows.

Many tourists, hanging out and flying kites.

The Boyfriend from afar.

These dunes were very big too.

By a sand bank with the sun behind me.

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Martini said...

Fantastic pictures! I would've slided down the sand dune for sure. And I would've yelled "yaaaaa!" all the way.