Friday, March 21, 2008

What I Miss

I have been in Vietnam for over a month. While I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, there are a few things I miss:
  • Friends and Family. Obviously! Imagine if internet and e-mail didn’t exist …
  • Cooking. Although we can technically cook, we don’t because food is cheap and we’re not that comfortable using the kitchen. I used to easily spend an hour preparing a meal, even numerous hours on the weekend, and I miss that.
  • Seeing baby P grow up. But her picture is used as my computer background so I see her every day! And I'm sure she'll hold off walking and talking until I get back.
  • Recycling and Composting. I just feel terrible every time I put something in the garbage. Blame it on my guilt-ridden, catholic, green conscience!
  • Not having to negotiate. We’ve already determined I’m bad at it and I hate having to think that everyone is out there get me. The good news is that I’m improving, I think…
  • My house. I do love my house so very much!
  • Smoke-free indoor spaces!
  • A number of needless things. Like my clothes and shoes I left behind, my comfortable bed and pillow, TV shows like Lost, Design Inc. and Giada shows.

And some things I don’t miss:

  • Snow and boots. It sounds like there’s been a massive amount of snow in Montreal and Hamilton. What can I say, except laugh evil-y! And I’d be happy wearing sandals year round!
  • My car. It’s not like I would even consider driving here. I don’t mind walking, except for the heat.
  • Working. I miss the interaction with co-workers and some routine things, but I don’t know that I really miss work.
  • Having to clean/do laundry. Our room is cleaned every day. However, I’m not sure mopping the floor without sweeping and dousing the bathroom with water really count as “cleaning”.

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