Thursday, March 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Exactly a month after leaving Canada, we found a place to stay!! It’s so nice to be able to unpack and put your things away. No more hotels and living out of suitcases! We actually found a place thanks to my aunt Mo Thuy (she’s done so much for us!) and the agent she found; the agent charged us 1 million dongs (about $60) – the easiest mil he’s made I bet!

The place is really a room, not an apartment; that’s all we’ve found actually. The typical rooms for rent are in very tall and narrow buildings, with about two rooms on each floor and a kitchen on the first floor. This room provided us the best space/cost ratio.

Our humble abode.

Our room will cost 400 USD per month and includes everything: cable, internet, water, electricity, AC and even a fridge. The room will also be cleaned for us. They’ll even do laundry for an extra 50 USD; we’re not sure if that’s worth it… The bathroom actually has a bathtub, rather than the common toilet/shower room, where everything gets wet.

Cable includes the Travel & Living channel, which I’ve started being addicted too. It’s part travel, (we didn’t have the travel network at home), food network (definitely had that!), HGTV, TLC and Life/Slice, with some Canadian shows! There’s also a few movie channels and you can always get caught up on Asian business news on the Bloomberg channel!

It is situated steps away from Ben Thanh market in one of those omnipresent alleyways. So starving will not be an issue! It’s probably at the limit in terms of distance from The Boyfriend’s workplace (probably 15-20 minutes walk).
This is our building. We're on the third floor.
View of the alleyway from our "building".

View of Cho Ben Thanh at the end of the alleyway.
Now that I know where we’ll be living, it’s time to plan what I’ll be doing while The Boyfriend is teaching.


Linda said...

Looks pretty swanky! I would have expected less...

SaigonNezumi (Kevin) said...

Nice to see another blogger in Saigon. Your posts are giving a positive pitch to Vietnam which is awesome. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

By the way, $400 per month for a room is a bit pricey for Saigon.

Cathy said...

it looks like you're getting settled in nicely. let's get a bite soon-ish.