Monday, March 17, 2008

It's A Zoo Out There!

Unlike back in North America, you can encounter animals on a regular basis in Vietnam. Often, they are stray dogs, sometimes cats. There are definitely some scruffy dogs out there, but I find a lot of them are actually quite good looking, kind of like in Morocco. I've abstained from taking pictures of the rats I've seen. Luckily, they've all been dead. They have been quite big, comparable to a pigeon! So here are some random pics (nothing too exciting, unfortunately).

Stray in Quang Ngai. Whenever The Boyfriend tried to interact with strays, my aunt would give him a hard time. "They'll bite you!"

Cows are actually a rare signt in Vietnam. These look much skinnier than what I'm used to.

Water buffalos are more often seen, especially working in the rice paddies.

Some goats on our hike in Sapa.

It's hot out there, even for the doggies!

A nice looking dog, with a bunch of ducks in the background.

Some dogs get pampered here too.

These are our alleyway neighbours. I see them most mornings. I'm guessing I might see them in a soup one day...

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