Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sizes are relative, right?

[Caution: discussion about clothings and sizes. Boys would not likely be interested…]

In the crazy heat of 30+C in Saigon, I decided that I did not need to bring my jeans on my trip. I regretted that decision when I arrived in Quang Ngai. The temperature was around low 20’s during the day and low teens at night. Considering, we are planning on further going north to Hanoi and to the mountains in Sapa, my shorts and cropped pants would not be sufficient.

I was offered to borrow clothes but everyone here looks teensy. My aunt brought me down some “bigger” jeans, i.e. before she lost some weight. I couldn’t even zip them up. My legs were like ground meat in sausage casings. My aunt finally decided we should go shop for pants. Everyone in my family was worried I would freeze my ass off. There might be snow in Sapa they told me. I hesitated because Vietnamese people seem to like a lot of sparkles on their jeans and did I already mention everyone's tiny? I like my pants minimally adorned and fitting my supposed ginormous legs.

My aunt picked out pants at a store that was luckily opened during Tet: green or pink loose, army-looking, casual pants. I tried the largest green pair they had. I would have gone bigger but they didn’t have any. Turns out they were XXL!! I also picked out a pair of cords that are quite snug, no bigger size in store. And my lovely jeans are in Saigon, most likely never to be worn in the 30C weather there. Stoopid, stoopid me!

Infamous green XXL pants!! The Boyfriend calls them "C*****" pants (rhymes with Tommy and refers to the political situation here. I'm a bit paranoid about what I write though...)

My new cords with extra BLING!


Linda said...

I can't believe you kept saying it would be coldest place you'd go to and you didn't bring pants?! What's wrong with you!!! Wow that IS teensy... Well seeing Ong Ngoi's grave must have been nice and mom's school too. Aren't you going to Hoi An, they do stuff to measure there I thought it wasn't far. Eat a lot of com rang! YUM! Say hi to the BF and Cau Q and Mo and Cau H and Mo Thuy. Did you meet Kiem's mom and sister? Oh yeah and you should find che chuoi for the BF, he'd like that no?

Cathy said...

It's tough not having a "big girl" complex in Vietnam. The Viets are a small people. I had the hardest time finding clothes too. The only stuff I've purchased so far are "bubble" dresses without waistlines ;-)