Monday, February 18, 2008

Hanoi - February 14

Our afternoon in Hanoi was spent scrambling to book tours to Halong Bay and Sapa. After visiting many tour agencies, we decided on one agency over Indian dinner. We figured that would be our Valentine dinner. (This Indian dinner turned out to be NOT a good idea, considering our 4 hour drive the next day…)

The agency we picked was Handspan – suggested by Lonely Planet. The Halong Bay tour was 3 days/2 nights, including one night on board a junk boat. Unfortunately, the Sapa tours were cancelled due to cold weather. Supposedly some of their clients got there and wanted to return immediately. We therefore only bought train tickets and will find a hotel ourselves. We figured we could handle the 2-3C during the day and -1C at night. Hopefully, we won’t regret our decision…!

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