Sunday, September 7, 2008

HCMC Picture Hodgepodge

Now that I have access to my computer (thanks to H for fixing my virus ridden laptop!), I can upload my many pictures. Here are miscellaneous pictures that I took in HCMC that did not make it into a post!

View from our hotel room on our first night in HCMC.

Careful there! So many electrical wires!

Rex Hotel. Dammit, I never had a drink on the patio!! However, I did get a Swedish massage at the hotel thanks to The Gastronomer.

Old houses in District 5.

Line of vendors lined up, selling ... I don’t know what. I always meant to try it but never got around to it.

Vegetarian thali at our favourite Indian restaurant, Mumtaz, at 226 Bùi Viện. I’ve had many thali‘s and this is one of the prettiest! The Boyfriend and I ate there every few weeks!

Bánh mì thịt bò nướng, fancied up (and the price showed it!)

Bánh cam Vendor.

Can you say traffic?

Family friends from Montréal in front of city hall.

Park by Phạm Ngũ Lão St (near the backpacker’s district).

Carved stone depicting traditional Vietnamese musicians.

Bright yellow Jaspas restaurant from where we ordered 2-for-1 pizza on Mondays and Thursdays!

My cousin L’s twins! Aren’t they cute?

Not one but two TV’s loaded on a motorbike!

HCMC has luxe stores of its own.

Striped socks seem to be the trend for motorbike drivers.

…and fancy motorbike helmets…

Talking about luxe stores and motorbike trends!

Kids playing in a puddle after a rainstorm.

View of the densely populated city from the International Language Academy (where The Boyfriend works).

Can you spot the salamander(s)?

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