Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miss Universe Contestants

Last Saturday, I met up with some friends for dim sum at the New World Hotel, for The Astronomer’s birthday (24! So young!). As I was walking along the hotel outside, I saw signs advertising New World Hotel being the Ho Chi Minh host hotel for Miss Universe. I did not realize then that I would be walking among the beautiful contestants very soon. Miss Universe is to be held in Nha Trang (north of Ho Chi Minh City) next month. I’m hoping to go to Nha Trang before I leave, not to bump into The Donald but for the beaches!

The dim sum restaurant, Dynasty, was on the second floor right by the elevator. As I was waiting in the lobby with The Gastronomer and The Astronomer, contestants kept coming out of the elevator and going to a conference room. They were hard to miss with their sashes. Kids were waiting to get their pictures taken and so I decided to become a paparazzi and take some pictures also. I thought it would make for an entertaining post!

The girls were very accommodating and always stopped to smile, even though their handlers kept rushing them through. All of them were taller than me (not a difficult feat!), but even more taller in heels. I left early and missed Miss Vietnam but The Gastronomer snagged a picture! I never saw Miss Canada either… Check out the pics below because really, no need for words!

The Astronomer posing with Miss Universe 2007.

Miss Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Notice contestants were all legs!

Miss Slovenia and South Africa.

Latin Americans like to stick together: Miss Brazil, Paraguay, Honduras and Guatemala.

Miss Norway and Finland.

Miss Israel, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua going down the stairs.

Miss Australia was posing with some rugby players.

H, The Astronomer's Vietnamese teacher got to pose with Miss Vietnam!


Gastronomer said...

A damn fine recap.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Duuuude! Don't know how short the Astronomer's VNese teacher is, but Miss Vietnam looks like a giant. Too bad she's not so pretty. They prep a month ahead of the pageant? Is this the first time there's a Miss Vietnam? I don't watch but I don't remember any before?

Miss.Adventure said...

WS: H is not tall, but Miss Vietnam was surely wearing heels too! I would guess there have been previous Miss Vietnam but I don't follow Miss Universe! I might check it out while I'm here...

Anonymous said...

yes ,they have Miss VN every year too.