Friday, June 6, 2008

Bigger than a Pugger

Once upon a time, I had the reputation, for a few days at work, to have eaten a pugger burger. A pugger burger is a specialty at a Hamilton restaurant (O'Neill's on Barton St. E) and is infamous for its one pound beef patty. It also came with onion rings and I can never resist onion rings! My colleague A bet me that I couldn't do it so I had to prove him wrong! And so I did, in front of a small audience, and did not eat afterwards for a long while.

What could beat a pound patty you wonder? Well, how about a 1.4 kg patty (3 lbs!)? The Gastronomer wrote about it. Check it out: The Big Cheese.

If you're wondering, no, The Boyfriend did not partake in this. Rather, he had a much smaller veggie burger.

The Big Cheese could easily gobble up The Boyfriend's veggie burger!

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