Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

We’re officially in the rainy season here in Vietnam. This means that if there’s one thing that you can count on, is that it will rain. It can be hot and sunny, and suddenly big black clouds will swoop in and you’re soaking wet in no time. The rain is needed as respite from the heat. When it doesn’t rain, it gets pretty hot.

This has affected my life in a few ways:
- I’ve abandoned my Birkenstock for flip flops. Birkenstock are more orthopedically friendly but they get soaked;
- I go straight for the shower after every outing to wash off my feet and legs from the dirt and mud;
- I must carry my yellow umbrella all the time, just in case;
- I schedule activities around the rain, trying to predict the rain, either quickly before it comes or waiting until it’s done.

In Vietnam, large water tanks are found on most rooftops. This holds water and keeps it hot using natural sunlight. This means that we have not needed to turn on the water heater for hot showers. It’s surprising how hot the water gets without any artificial heating! We will now have to start using the water heater as there is not sufficient sunlight to keep water hot.

Water tank on neighbour's rooftop.

I have surprised myself and have not become a hermit. I have come to accept the rain and have even gone out during a full rain shower. It seems I’m one of the rare ones in Vietnam with an umbrella. Most people have rain ponchos; these are more convenient on a motorbike I guess. A girl once joined me under my umbrella to protect herself from the rain and walked the few steps to her destination. She chitchatted and seemed nice but kind of shoved me out of the umbrella and so I ended up being half wet!

It’s true that most often, when it rains, it pours. Often, The Boyfriend and I will be caught at a restaurant and try to wait out the rain. Fortunately, restaurants here are far too polite to kick anyone out for lingering around too long.

I like taking pictures when it rains. It often rains so hard and always seems so impressive. However, the pictures never seem to capture the sudden coolness and the sound of the rain.

We were comfortably sitting on a patio watching the rain.

A woman got her rain poncho in time.

These people found refuge in the telephone booth.


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