Monday, May 5, 2008

Mekong Delta – Early Day 2 (May 4)

When we found out we had to wake up at 6 am on our second day in the Delta to catch the activities at the Cai Rang Floating Market, I thought The Boyfriend was going to kill me!! Sleep is sacred to him now that he’s working long days.

This market is the largest in the area. Between the market and the visit to the fruit plantations later in the day, I took many fruit pictures. Bear with me because it’s going to get fruit-y!

The Boyfriend and me. Friends complain I don’t put enough people pictures, so here’s one!

A boat full of jackfruit.

Baskets of long ngan fruit.

Advertising poles. As the pole advertises, this boat sold everything: garlic, onion, carrots, lettuce…

How about some jicama for bo bia?

A boat of watermelons.

Rice Husking Mill. Between fruit activities, we also visited a rice husking mill. This shows the various stages of rice husking. We passed on the 8:30 am offer of rice wine with 50% alcohol though.

Rice Reserves. These could be worth a lot with rice prices increasing!

Boat ride. Our boat ride to the fruit orchard was quite laborious at times due to the low tide. All sorts of things (plastic, clothes, plants) would get stuck on the propeller and would have to be removed.

Warm welcome. We were regularly greeted by cheerful HELLO and WHAT YOUR NAME? from kids running out of their houses along the river.

And now for pictures of fruit still on trees!

Bananas. With the beautiful flower still attached.

Jackfruit. They can get quite big.

A row of papaya trees.

Pineapple growing crooked.

Purple chili peppers.

Khe (starfruit).

Mang fruit (or rose apples), looking like two perfect bells.

And let’s not forget the mighty mango! This was the nicest cluster I found; never mind the bathroom as background…

All this in one morning!

Uncle Ho in Can Tho. I hope my mother will forgive me for this picture...

After we took the ferry leaving Can Tho, we had to wait for our bus since it wasn't on the ferry with us. As we waited, I wandered around an area with vendors catering to passengers from the ferry. I bought these fruit - I believe them to be marian plum. They look like apricots, but had the texture of a ripe plum, tasted very sour with some strong mango flavour!


Wandering Chopsticks said...

They're rose apples. As for the last one, I thought they were loquats but the stems look different. I think they just might be a different colored plum?

My Mekong Delta post is full of fruit trees too. :)

Miss.Adventure said...

Rose apples? Thanks! Actually, I went through the Gastronomy website's vegetation entries and she has one on marian plum. I think that's what it is!

Owee said...

Make sure you check out BaDen mountain and the weekend buffet at Binh Quoi resort

Wish I could see your email somewhere to respond to you directly. I am also a Canadian who has spent some time there. Perhaps will retire there. I would be inteested in exchanging some ideas and places. My wifes hometown is NhaTrang...

Raine said...

Lol! The advertisement poles are adorable. Reminds me of when I was researching the 1920s in America, where people would sit on flag poles to advertise who knows what!