Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Packing for 6 months

I am a girl; hence, I like clothes. I like clothes; hence, packing for six months is pretty much a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Can you hear the theme song starting? Actually, packing for six months isn’t really the problem. Packing lightly for six months is the real mission impossible.

Over the holidays, I randomly surveyed people on how much I should pack. Here were their opinions, in no particular order:

1) When talking about tops, The Boyfriend said 5 to 10 tops. 15 is acceptable if I leave half behind. And why would I do that??

2) At the other end of the spectrum, my friend MC said everything that’s not winter clothes. She’s my kind of gal.

3) My sister, who likes clothes more than me and most, was actually very reasonable. Three weeks worth should be good for six months worth. She’s backpacked before; I haven’t.

4) My mother thought I shouldn’t bring too much. At worst, I can get clothes made for very cheap. However, she’s also the one who has bought me literally five pairs of shorts and pants for my trip.

The main packing problem will be for the three weeks that The Boyfriend and I will be traveling. I have a feeling that if I overpack, I will not be getting much sympathy from him. The other issue is that I’ll probably have to hand wash some clothes. I don’t even currently hand wash “hand wash” clothes. They just risk their little clothing beings in the machine, on the delicate cycle if they’re lucky.

I’m also debating about what I should bring for maximum comfort. I like sleeping, but that implies that I’m able to fall asleep. Usually a nice pillow and some clean sheets help. But I think I might be pushing it. I’d also love to bring my laptop but am unsure it’s worthwhile. I won’t even start on the shoe situation…

Well, it’s good that I have a month to figure it out. Maybe I’ll touch on this topic later to update on how I made out.

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